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Daddy’s Rude Awakening (Or, Don’t Worry Peter Andre, Your Title’s Safe…)

For as long as I can remember I wanted to be a Dad.

To create a unique human being that is part of you, that will look to you to guide them through life, that will always own the largest part of your heart – nothing else in life has ever seemed to me to be as important, as blessed, as purposeful as that.

I was never somebody with a clear plan of where I wanted to get to in life and I would never have described myself as stereotypically ambitious; instead I’ve looked to grow and make progress through following my passions, applying myself, seeking opportunities and pursuing them as they arise.  I am ever grateful for where this has attitude has led me.

But I have always been clear about wanting to have children; all other goals have been shaped around this certainty.  And I was certain that I’d be a good Dad.


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Gracie – Ben Folds

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  1. Not sure what brought a tear to my eye more; your words? Choice of song? Or the long hair in the accompanying photo? Such a special piece of writing that I think will mean the world to a special young lady one day.

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