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How Great Does a ‘Great Dad’ Have to Be?


“I love you Daddy, you’re the best Daddy in the world.”

Life doesn’t get much better than hearing those words.  Whatever we wish for in our lives, nothing can mean more than that.

As a single parent there is another side of the coin, “I miss you Daddy.”  It’s always hard to hear, and I have yet to find any suitable words of consolation beyond reassurance that, “you’ll see Daddy again soon.”

As far as being a single parent goes I’m one of the lucky ones – lucky being a very relative term here – in that I have joint custody of my children and share in the everyday mundanities that are amongst the rewards of being a parent.  I guess it is to the credit of each of us as parents that this arrangement was agreed between my ex-wife and I with no debate or argument, it was a given from the get-go (or rather, the get-gone).

You’re a great Dad.”

Whilst traversing the terrain of single life and single parenthood I’ve heard this from other people too, but the impact of their words landing is a little rougher.  I have to be honest, at times it can rankle…

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  1. That was a good read – an honest take of being a single (daddy). Routine is great and in your case, tough as well. Still, it’s not the number of days you are together, but the quality of being present. Constantly and stable. Go, Daddy! 🙂

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