Poetic(ish) Musings

Standing at the Precipice

Standing at the precipice, staring over the edge,
Beckoned to take that one small step,
That will take you over the ledge.

A single step once taken,
That promises no return;
No pause, no rewind, no regrets, no lifeline,
When your final bridge has been burned.

How can one ever be sure,
Before plunging into the unknown?
While others advise, they don’t see what’s inside,
The choice is yours and yours alone.

And though there will be no going back,
Once your choice has been made;
You must conquer your doubt, the flames of fear stamp out,
Come the hour, the price must be paid.

So to the moment of reckoning,
Raise your head and look to the sky;
Take a leap of faith, grab your chance now don’t wait,
For how else will you learn how to fly?

Given To Fly – Pearl Jam

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