Poetic(ish) Musings

Invisible Voices

A whisper sounds and louder grows,
In my ear repeating those,
Words that set my teeth on edge,
Barbed and pointed, make no sense.

No logic to the twisted jibes,
That crawl out from the hole in which they hide;
Until such time my guard is dropped,
Let loose their bullets, in torrents non-stop.

Breaching defences that keep me safe,
Or are they illusions, no barricade?
Against an enemy that froths with spite,
A bark that’s vicious, a poisonous bite.

Cruel and taunting, no good to be found,
Amongst the mocking, scornful sound;
I rally my spirits and beckon to rise,
The better angels of my nature, to counteract the lies.

For fight I must to silence the voice,
Of doubt, of fear, drown out its noise;
The inner enemy that bullies with glee,
I see you for what you are;
Your words,
They are not me.

Creep – Radiohead

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