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The Twilight Zone

This post, the latest in the ‘Moments That Made Me’ series, is from the very talented poet, Rachel Rhodes-Puckett. Rachel has just published her first book of poetry, The Pennings of the Poisonous Pixie’s Book of Poetry, which can be ordered from Amazon here:

The Pennings of The Poisonous Pixie is an eclectic, lyrical collection of musings, thoughts, experiences and perceptions. Think inspirational poetry, spirituality, rhyming rants and sometime online diary.

In this verse Rachel details a terrifying real-life – and death – experience.

The Twilight Zone

Raging voices
Inside her head
Possessive spirits
In her ear ranted

“The world is ending
Doomsday has come!”
The sky turned red
Nowhere to run

Hands over her eyes
None free to steer
Foetal inside the car
Doomsday indeed was here!

A knock to the left
A bang to the right
Spinning in circles
A blinding flash of white light

Then nothingness came
Out of her body was she
Floating in a tunnel
For what seemed an eternity

Then Raphael spoke
And to her senses she came
A man walked towards her
As it started to rain

Pierced by icy chills
To the essence of her being
Trembling and convulsing
Penetrating shock set in

Out of nowhere an ambulance
Then did appear
He’d radioed for help
And now it was here

“Take your arms off, take your legs off,
Climb out of your body”
Not believing what she was hearing
The paramedic encouraged

Her to do just that
She obeyed, as was right
For nobody was laughing
On this surreal night

Guided to the ambulance
They lay her down
Covered her in a blanket
Arms crossed, safe and sound

She finally closed her eyes
As they began to move
But it felt like taking off
They weren’t driving, they flew!

Sucked into a vortex
Through dimensions of time
Twisting and a-turning
Rapid rollercoaster ride

Then she heard weeping
Raised her eyelids to see
A blonde pretty lady
Crying tears of grief

She asked “Are you ok?”
“Am I ok? You’re dead!”
Startled she passed out
Disturbed by what was said

She awakened as the pawn
In some supernatural game
In the emergency ward
As ‘good’ and ‘evil’ a battle waged

Over ownership of her soul
So petrified was she
Unconsciousness set in
Oblivion, sleep

She awoke to find her father
Sitting by her side
He’d come, he had found her!
Relieved she cried

Now could she go home?
The doctors said “No”
She’d really had enough
And she wanted that so

She ran for the door
But restrained was she
They held her down
She couldn’t break free

She wrestled and writhed
Arms bound behind her back
Then she escaped
And gave someone a slap

It was self defence, retaliation
She thought she was attacked
But the police then descended
And, cuffed, that was that

Bundled into a cage
Inside a van
Driven away
Thrown in the can

Manhandled, mistreated
Battered and bruised
She began to sing
To keep herself amused

Like a canary
All through the night
Her entire back catalogue
Did she recite

Until the door swung open
And people came inside
One by one in procession
Something like a tribe

“Come with us” they said
“We’ll make you a star
We’re filming a documentary
About crashes in cars”

But the voices returned
And forced her to stay
Telling her that
The devil was at play

In no uncertain terms
She ordered them to leave
Then slumbered on the cold, hard floor
In her prison weeds

Next morning she was transported
To a fate worse than death
With every turn of events
She plunged deeper into the mess

Incarcerated in an asylum
Naked, stripped of her dignity
Intoxicated, medicated
No grip on reality

Dangerous and squalid
Like a living hell on earth
No waking from this nightmare
Defecation everywhere

How had it come to this?
Had her karma hit all at once?
Like The Falling Tower
She was struck by a thunderbolt

Broken apart and abused
Subjected to torture so horrid
To the authorities did she submit
This was worse than doing porridge

For many weeks did she remain
In that place absent of peace
Until one blessed day it came to pass
That she was at last released

Scarred was she for life
Shaken to the core
Had she dreamt it all?
She knew not anymore

Tattooed on her mind
Is that to which she was exposed
So paranormal it could be a movie
Doing time in the twilight zone

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