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Something Changed – The Reviews Are In!

This post is a thank you, to everybody that has read my book and for the very generous reviews and comments that have been written. It’s hard to say just how much it means to have your words resonate with the lives of others; to make them smile, laugh, cry and think.

Most important to me is that my words can bring some hope to those who are struggling through a dark period in their lives, a place where hope can be hard to find. I’ve been there – as will have many of you – and from that place the power in hearing someone else’s story of recovery – a normal, everyday kind of person just like us – can’t be overstated.

Last week my book took part in a blog tour, arranged by the brilliant Neverland Blog Tours. Below are links to the reviews that I am so grateful to have received for my book throughout the tour.

I would like to thank each reviewer that took the time to read my book, and to write such kind words about it, I really do appreciate it. Thank you!

Joyful Antidotes

‘It wasn’t like the usual self-help books on the market. The advice he offers was not obvious, condescending or obnoxious. You feel like you are just reading the story of some man’s struggle until about 1/3 of the way through it dawns on you that he has some pretty smart things to say, which are turning on lightbulbs in your brain. This book helped me find a glimmer of hope in my situation, that I will feel somewhat ‘normal’ again.’

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Wrong Side of Forty

‘Matthew writes with a refreshing wit that had me giggling away throughout most of the book. He is also brutally honest, I liked how honest Matthew was about the whole divorce process, from his emotional state to becoming a single Dad. This book could be the light in a very dark tunnel for someone needing reassurance that one day their life will be back on track, different yes, but full of new adventures and memories to make!’

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The Bookish Fairy

‘The author is frank and honest, I related to many points he made and the writing was beautiful and conveyed and verbalised many things I have felt but have not been able to vocalise in the past, so thank you Matthew for that – it was tough to read but oh so good to have the words to explain it.’

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The Hufflepuff Nerdette

‘The writing was wonderful and it just alone wanted me to keep on reading it. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is going through a breakup of any sort as it helps you and makes you laugh and cry and repeat the process all over again.’

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Portable Magic

‘There were large parts of Williams’ writing that resonated with me, and I enjoyed the way he approached each subject with humour and honesty. Williams’ prose in Something Changed is occasionally broken by poetry. The poetry is beautiful, and really captures Williams’ emotions as he was writing.’

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Books After Tea

‘Matthew’s writing is incredibly moving. He explores his struggles beautifully, with writing that flows gracefully from page to page. He handles the subject of mental health respectfully and courageously. As someone who has suffered from depression and anxiety, it is so refreshing to see these subjects being written about so perfectly.’

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Adventure & Anxiety

‘Matthew is breathtakingly honest about his two severe bouts of depression, and lays bare exactly what this illness is like to experience. I can’t honestly think of a more detailed, vulnerable portrayal of ‘the black dog’ in anything I have come across. As this is something I suffer with to this day, reading about the positive strides he has made in dealing with and overcoming this cruel illness was so uplifting; it made me want to leap forward into finding my own path to wellness.’

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Scarlett Slippers: 

‘The beautifully worded poems scattered throughout the book are hard-hitting and I, for sure, empathised with some of Matthew’s thoughts. Mental health is such a important topic to speak out about. It is lovely to see a man’s perspective of how mental health can have a dramatic impact on one’s life; most men seem to shy away from talking about these sort of topics but it was refreshing to see Matthew open up about his troubles and struggles.’

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I would recommend Neverland Blog Tours to any author and would like to thank Jenny Marston for her hard work in making this happen. For further info visit:

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