Moments That Made Me

My Quest to Achieve a Healthier Lifestyle

achieve a healthier lifestyle

Achieve a healthier lifestyle

The latest story in my Moments that Made Me series comes from professional blogger, Victoria Sully. Reading about how Victoria became a professional blogger has been inspirational to me, and it’s a pleasure to feature this story on Love, Laughter, Truth.

Victoria talks about the impact of having children and the loss of several family members in leading her on a quest to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

I hope you enjoy it.

What events stand out as having made you who you are?

The events that have really made me who I am today are having my children, losing several family members to cancer, and seeing other parents die of horrible diseases and illnesses far too young.

All of these events can interlink to explain why I am so health conscious today and have become increasingly passionate about healthy living and turned to a vegan lifestyle.

What did they teach you about yourself and about life?

Having children taught me to take more responsibility for myself. I have little human beings to care for who depend on me to be there for them. I can only do this if I am healthy. Having seen other friends lose parents to heart attacks, cancer and more, I realised if I can stop myself from suffering these things and leaving my children without a mother prematurely, then I’d do everything I can to try and prevent it.

Losing several family members to cancer has also been an eye opener. Many of them can be attributed to poor diet, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. Rather than give me an ‘ah well, life’s short so I’ll do what I want’ attitude, these events have inspired me to take my healthy living passion even further. 

I study and read as much as I can about how diet and lifestyle choices are linked to modern day affluent diseases in developed countries. They’ve taught me how most diseases could be prevented through lifestyle changes and following a mostly plant based diet along with reducing stress and exercising. These are all things I practice now and continue to learn more about every day.

How did they change you?

Realising all the deaths could potentially have been prevented has allowed me to step up and take responsibility for my own health. I can no longer be selfish and only care for myself, as I have children to look out for and I want to see them grow up and spend as much time with them on earth as possible.

I have increasingly changed my diet over seven years, starting with quitting smoking and drinking alcohol through to becoming vegan and cutting our all animal based products. I also go to the gym three to five times a week and lead an active lifestyle.

What difference has it ultimately made to your life?

I am determined to look after myself and be responsible for my own health so I hopefully never have to rely on artificial medicine. Ultimately, it’s made me a much healthier and stronger person. It’s also allowed me to find something I am so passionate about and love to study.

I hope one day, perhaps when the children are older, to study something related to my newfound passion. I hope it will give me a long and healthy life without having to worry about many of the diseases that consume us today.

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