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Men – Don’t Be Arseholes! (Revisited)

Donald Trump
Donald Trump (Image Credit: Gage Skidmore, via Flickr Creative Common)

Are men arseholes?

This post has generated many views, and has consistently been among my most read posts. Many visits to my site are the result of searches for ‘why are men arseholes?’ or variations thereof. I’d like to think that the searches lead directly to this post, and aren’t being directed to the ‘About Matthew’ page…

This is the only post that I have edited due to feedback from a reader. One particular man took great offense at the post’s original title: Men Are Arseholes.

I could see his point, and of course my intention wasn’t to suggest that this applies to all men. The post itself highlights this. The title was designed to get attention, sure, but it was prompted by an anger based on the experiences of many women that I have been close to in my life. Women whose experiences have included being: abused physically and sexually; left to bring up their children largely on their own; left in precarious financial situations; viciously assaulted and left for dead.

I stand by my point that far too many men are arseholes. But I did change the title, as I wanted to strike a more optimistic note. We can do better.

I hope you enjoy the post.

Read ‘Men – Don’t Be Arseholes’ here



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