Poetic(ish) Musings


a nation torn, divided

by a simple question, in or out

paralysing parliament 

a country’s future thrown into doubt 

a decision passed to the people

to end poisonous tory debate

threatening to destroy a party

now tearing apart a state

a complex web of relationships 

of legislation and trade

reduced to the simplicity of yes or no 

and the people’s choice was made

to leave the european project

make our way on our own

a bold and brave new future

reclaiming sovereignty, borders, our home

‘brexit means brexit’

but no-one knows what brexit means

there’s hard there’s soft there’s lies yet not

anyone can agree

now there’s calls for a second referendum 

delays, resignations, no deal 

expulsions, defections, it couldn’t get worse

oh shit… boris has taken the wheel

speeding towards the cliff edge

rather die in a ditch than brake

are we making britain great again  

or making our most costly mistake 

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