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Vlog: Introducing ‘A Familiar Stranger’

So, now I’ve written a poetry collection I need to get comfortable with reciting them! Here I read a poem from each of the book’s four sections: living, loving, falling & rising. I hope you like them.

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4 thoughts on “Vlog: Introducing ‘A Familiar Stranger’

  1. Hearing you read your poetry out loud really brings them to life!I enjoyed them.I will be ordering your 2 books from you next week.

    1. Thank you Amanda! I’m looking to get to some open mic nights this year; always good to try something new!

      1. I did an open mic night with my creative writing group (I attend on a Friday when I am well enough) and read 2 of my poems. I was very anxious but had the support of the group! I can highly recommend it.

        1. That sounds great. I’m always keen to look for new opportunities to get my writing out there. Be good to have the opportunity to meet other writers and hear their work too.

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