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Who Do You See?

Who do you see?

I see my beautiful baby boy, and the love of a father whose family feels complete.

I see a new life full of promise and opportunity; of love, laughter, learning and adventure. A becoming.

I see the calm before the storm, a man blissfully unaware of the clouds that will soon gather. A man unprepared for the breaking of the clouds and the downpours to come.

I thought I had everything I could ever want. Until the illusion was shattered, and everything crashed around me.

Depression came calling. It ripped and stripped me of all I was. My voice, my love, my laughter – gone. My very self torn away. My place in the world, my past, my future, sucked into a black hole of nothingness.


Who did I see?

The Crisis Team came to see me; they asked, ‘Tell us, who is Matthew?’I looked at this very picture, framed beside where I sat.‘That’s him.’

But it wasn’t me. Not anymore.Life has had many twists and turns since then, instilling ever deeper a philosophy for life that sustains me through the difficult days, and drives me towards who I am becoming.

Who do I see today?

I see an author, a coach, a guide. A supporter and a friend. I see a proud dad who is doing everything he can to create a life that he and his children can be proud of. A life of service to others, helping them to see and believe in all that they can be.

I see my best little mate, who, along with his sister, has given me more than I could have ever wished for.

I truly see who I am – not others’ expectations of me; not a neat, tidy, easily defined and predictable self, but the messy completeness of who I am, here, now.

And when I see that, it doesn’t matter who anybody else sees. I am free, to be who I am, who I am becoming, and to pursue the life that I dream of.

Take a look in the mirror.

Ask yourself…

Who do you see?

When rebuilding following a breakup, we may feel we don’t know who we are anymore.

What is our identity outside of the relationship? What are our roles? In what direction is our life now headed, and who will we share it with?

  • If you look in the mirror and don’t recognise the person looking back at you anymore…
  • If you feel you are living ‘someone else’s life’ instead of the life you hoped for…
  • If you want to feel happy and in love with life but just don’t seem to be able to…

…then I can help.

My free 3 part video series – ‘Finding Me After We’ – will help you to rediscover and recreate yourself, in glorious technicolour!

You have a huge opportunity – to focus on YOU; to learn from what’s gone before and to use it to consciously create a better life than you could have imagined.

Your happiest days are ahead of you – let me help you to live them.

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