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My Life Changed Forever at Tamworth Travelodge

(In a world of click-baity headlines I’d like to think this one is a first – it’s always good to be an original!).

How did Tamworth Travelodge change my life?

Well, it was there that I was first hit with a compulsion to write.

I’d never been a writer, never felt the need to bare my soul to the world.

I’d been divorced, a subsequent relationship had ended, and I was feeling, well, shit.

My stay in Tamworth wasn’t a holiday to get away from it all, I was there working.

And that night – December 2nd 2015 – my life changed forever.

The strange thing is, I knew it. I don’t know how, but I just knew.

I had no idea what I’d write, whether I could write, and what people would think of what I wrote (if of course anybody was going to even read it).

But strangely, somewhere inside, I knew it would change my life.

And it did, in so many different ways.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, it taught me lessons that might help you somewhere along your way. Here they are:

  • You never know what is around the corner
  • Your very worst experiences can lead directly to the very best
  • Listen to your instinct and follow your intuition – they know more than you might think
  • We are capable of more than we imagine, and
  • Our best chapters can begin in the most unexpected of places!

And here’s that very first post – ‘Here Goes…’

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