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How to Rediscover Yourself After a Breakup – Interview With Tini

I really enjoyed this interview with Tincuta Nitu (Tini) this week.

We talk about my work to help people to build a new – and better – life after a breakup, and how I created my three stage process:

Stage 1. Stop imagining your ex’s life and get busy living yours

Stage 2. Who are yer?!? Really get to know who you are and what you want from life and your relationships

Stage 3. You don’t put Rocky in a romcom! Once you really know the leading actor in your life story – you – it’s time to create the right life story for yourself.

We also discuss my book and my signature Change programme.

This video is great for anybody that is struggling to move on after a breakup, or just feels that there must be more to life than this (whatever your ‘this’ is).

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