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When life feels like 12 rounds with Tyson Fury…

“I’m going to smash your bleeping face in.”

Sometimes life feels like 12 rounds with Tyson Fury.

We take the hits, we may even drag ourselves off the floor, but there comes a point where the fight feels like it’s slipping away. Our troubles start to get on top of us, and there is no bell to save us.

And life doesn’t let up.

It might be a relationship that is causing us headaches and stress, it might be our work. We may be facing redundancy, retirement, or financial worry. And whatever it is, we feel alone with our struggles and we don’t know for how much longer we can fight.

Like the fighter in the ring, we don’t want to show that we are hurt, that we’re struggling. We might force a show of bravado – clowning and joking around.

And we feel that we have to carry our burdens ourselves, carry on the fight alone. Get on with it. ‘Be a man’. We mustn’t admit to any weakness.

Well I’m calling it our for what it is. Utter b….. I’ll let you fill in the blank.

Struggle is normal, but for too many of us, asking for or accepting help, isn’t.

Yet I know from the many years I worked in boxing, that even the toughest among us struggle. And any fighter will tell you, we all need a cornerman, a trusted guide for when the going gets tough.

I have created my brand new resource, ‘7 ways to turn your struggle into strength’ – to be such a guide. It contains powerful guidance and strategies that will help to lighten your load and strengthen your shoulders.

The count hasn’t reached 10. You can do this.

Click here to get your guide now.

2 thoughts on “When life feels like 12 rounds with Tyson Fury…

  1. It’s definitely hard to accept help – I think most of us struggle with that sometimes. I definitely felt like I was in a boxing ring last month, it was one thing after another!

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