How to grieve and let go after your breakup


The pain of a broken heart cannot be underestimated.

When we are caught in the grip of a desperate, overwhelming sense of loss, it can be hard to see a way through.

If you are here you may find yourself unable to concentrate, eat, or face the everyday tasks around which your life is built.

You may feel unable to face your work, unable even to face your friends and family.

You feel bereaved, but can feel guilt at the comparison; hell, nobody has died!

But something has died.

Your relationship. The love that was once shared. Daily routines.

Your joint hopes and dreams for the future.

We’re not taught how to grieve. We are not given a manual explaining how to deal with life’s losses.

But however lonely you may feel right now, you are not alone in your suffering. The universal pain of loss is something we all must face.

This guide is a product of such pain and loss; of the well-established, research-based theories that have been developed to help us to understand the process of grief, and of my own personal journey through its deep valleys and beyond.

It is a journey to where hope and happiness lie.

Features of the guide include:

  • 7 stages of grief, including shock and denial, sadness, and acceptance
  • How you can expect to feel during each stage
  • Letting go and moving forward with hope and clarity
  • 11 practical things you can do to help you to process your loss and move through the process
  • Beautifully and compassionately written by bestselling author Matthew Williams
  • Wisdom that can only come from a broken heart that has healed

My guide will help you to:

  • Understand what you are feeling – and why – as you try to come to terms with your loss
  • Prepare for the emotions you will feel and help you to manage them
  • Listen to and learn from your emotions, and use the lessons to build a new – and better – life
  • Take an honest look at your relationship, and learn what you want and need from future relationships
  • Face your grief head on, and emerge stronger because of it
  • Find acceptance, so that you can move on and find happiness again