Real Men Feel

Turning your struggle into your strength

Men struggle.

That’s right. We struggle with stress at work, with our relationships, with our self-confidence and self-esteem, even with our mental health.

Every single day, men everywhere are putting on a mask and pretending they’re ok; laughing, joking, being strong and dependable, while inside they are hurting, perhaps even despairing, and struggling to cope.

Too often, we will force down our feelings, carry on as normal, get on with it, ‘be a man’.

We can’t be weak.

Well I’m calling it our for what it is. Utter b….. I’ll let you fill in the blank.

I know from the many years I worked in boxing, that even the toughest among us struggle. And none of us wants to carry our burdens alone, keep our pain locked inside, eating away at us.

But so many of us feel we have to. 

It has to change. We need to feel heard, understood, cared for and supported. 

We need to feel we’re not alone; that we’re not weak, mad, or less of a man. 

We need to know that struggling is normal, that we can get through it, and that we don’t have to struggle on our own.

We need to get real.

If we won’t feel it, we won’t heal it.

This is for you.

This free guide acts as a ‘cornerman’ for any man that is struggling. It will help to lighten your load and strengthen your shoulders. Features:

  • Recognition that struggle is normal, even for men
  • Encourages men to feel able to share their struggles with someone – nobody wants to carry a burden alone
  • Addresses men’s fears about admitting they are struggling, demonstrating that far from being a sign of weakness, it actually shows great courage and strength
  • Identifies powerful strategies for growing through what you’re going through, informed by extensive lived experience and professional expertise
  • Includes an embedded series of powerful short videos.

Real Men Feel Video Series (Part 1): ‘Men don’t do emotion’ – bollocks!

Apparently us men don’t do emotion. At least that’s what we’re often told.

Well, let me be frank here, that’s bollocks!

Of course we feel emotion, if you don’t believe me then just watch any football match.

(Not for nothing is a full football stadium referred to as a ‘cauldron of emotion’).

The truth is men have long been conditioned to feel that there are emotions that we can’t display; that somehow showing these real, human emotions, will make us appear weak or less of a man.

Not only does this deny us the opportunity to express our full humanity, it can be dangerous to our mental health and wellbeing.

It needs to change.

Say it loud and say it proud – ‘real men feel!’

Real Men Feel Video Series (Part 2): Ways through your struggle

Sometimes our struggles can lead us to a very dark place. Depression is brutal and I’m not going to sugarcoat it. It’s hard to imagine just how horrific depression is unless you’ve been there.

Depression isn’t sadness, it isn’t being miserable, and it isn’t what you think.

Depression is an illness, and when it has you in it’s grip you feel like there is no escape (in the video you’ll hear me use the analogy of being s**t-faced as my way of helping people to understand).

But depression lies.

The road through your struggles is an individual path, and we need to find what works for us.

In this video I talk about what helped me to recover, along with some thoughts on things that may help you.

Real Men Feel Video Series (Part 3): Changing your story

Human beings are a storytelling species and each of us is a collection of the stories that we tell ourselves – about ourselves, about others, and about the events in our lives.

Exploring our life as a story can help us to be more objective in viewing ourselves and our circumstances.

Being able to identify and recognise our recurring narratives allows us to consider how they are serving us, and whether we need to create new narratives that will better serve us in the pursuit of greater wellbeing and greater happiness.

With a focus on creating a stronger sense of identity, greater self-assurance, ‘greater control over the pen that writes the story of your life’, and a sense of living a life of purpose, in this video I talk about how you can change your story and change your life.

To find out more about Change and how it can help you, and to access your special discount offer, click the button for my free webinar.

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