Poetic(ish) Musings

Chasing the Horizon

img_1133Image: Anna Hergert

It’s said a journey of a thousand miles,
Begins with a single step;
And as left foot follows right foot,
Step boldly with no regrets.

For every ravine and valley,
For each mountain and river wild;
A waterfall waits, an oasis of calm,
To replenish, cleanse and revive.

Every detour and blind alley,
Each false start and obstructed path;
Every journey that’s blocked and thwarted,
Each burden that weighs on your back;
Every stumble, mis-step, each faltering stride,
Mere staging-posts on the way;
To where, is fortune’s promise,
You’ll recognise it when you’re there.

And when your weary step leads to nowhere,
Tracing tired tracks in dirt;
When your horizon seems so distant,
Have faith, it’s always there.

The Road – Nick Cave & Warren Ellis

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