Changing My Story

Changing My Story

I am creating a vlog series to journal my progress as I build my own business. I want to record this significant period in my life and career and hope that it may inspire others to take a leap of faith and follow their dreams.

I believe most of us are far more capable and have far more potential than we give ourselves credit for. We don’t have to settle for less than we’re worth, we don’t have to put up with crap just for the sake of a ‘steady wage’ which may actually turn out to be anything but, and we don’t have to let our own dreams and ambitions wither and die while we do what others want and expect of us.

I never, ever thought I would own my own business. My future is in my own hands. As someone that competed for many years as a runner and who worked for many years in boxing, that suits the individual competitor in me just fine.

I’m facing down my fears and taking the leap of faith that life forced me to take. Smooth transitions don’t seem to be life’s way – it seems to far prefer the boot up the backside approach!

I’m placing my faith and my future in me, and I’m getting busy writing my best chapters yet.

Who’s joining me?

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