11 Practical Things You Can Do to Grieve After Your Breakup

We’re not taught how to grieve our breakup. We are not given a manual explaining how to deal with life’s losses.

I have been asked many times how we grieve the loss of our relationship, and I’m delighted to be able to bring you my new guide to help you.

This guide is a product of the well-established, research-based theories that have been developed to help us to understand the process of grief, and of my own personal journey through its deep valleys and beyond.

Features include 7 stages of grief, and 11 practical things you can do to process your loss and move forward.

It is a journey to where hope and happiness lie.

For more information and to get yours please click here.

2 thoughts on “11 Practical Things You Can Do to Grieve After Your Breakup

  1. This sounds like a great guide for those who struggle with breakups or have been through a particularly bad one! I’ve not been through a breakup in around 7 years but I’ve never really thought about it like grieving before but I guess it totally is. I think if I’d have known better, I probably would have been able to cope with my past breakups a little better.

    1. Thank you Jenny. Yes it’s painful experience that taught me! I’m enjoying your relationship content 🙂

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